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Our site want to change his Design so if you are feeling creative submit your request


Theme Design: 100.000 Points and 3 Months V.I.P Membership

Banner Design for all banners in Affiliate Section: 30.000 Points and 1 Month V.I.P Membership !!!

Send your work at: [email protected]

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Earn lots of Points with your Website/Blog

A new way to earn lots of Points on auto pilot !

If you have a website or a blog then this option will fill your account balance.

All you have to do is to add one of our banners on your website / blog and you will earn Points every time a new visitor will see this banner.

You can find this option here:

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Dear User,

We want to give you a great news, we have added a new feature: Micro Jobs

What is it?

Users can use this module to earn Points by Doing Jobs.

You can add your job: Title, Description and Steps.

With this feature you can earn more coins then ever !

Check it out:

To add jobs go here:

A gift for first 20 users that use this coupon !

Use this coupon for 400 Points BONUS: 3708-3001-6294-6766

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Hello to all Users,

We have good news for all of you,

We have added 2 new features for you, with this features you can get more Points and VIP days !

Check out: Bonus Points -

Check out: Extra Points -

Also we have modify the way you convert your coins, now you will get with 20% more money when you convert your coins !!!

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Hey there,

Check out the new features that we have implemented !

The first one is Text ADS !

With this feature you can add your Text ADS with just a few clicks.

Check it out here:

The second one is Referrals Rewards !

This feature offers you some SUPER REWARDS !

All you have to do is to refer as much users as you can on our website !

Check out more here:

As we do it always :) Here is a 300 Points Coupon that you can redeem here:

Coupon Code: 1602-3844-4779-8685

Have a nice day !

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