Author: AdminViews: 15,679 | Comments: 28 | Date: 14 Aug 2014 00:24
Dear Users,

We want that to be a nice and friendly environment, but alot of users dont think like us !

Alot of users register to our network, make alot of exchanges in 1st day, add a page and after that forget about our network. was not created for that, is a system to help all network users.

We take the next measures because we got ALOT of complaints about users pages didn't get likes/followers/views/etc.


What is offline mode?

Offline mode function will scan all our network users and check if they were ONLINE in the past 15 days (this time interval is set now, but we can change it anytime), if a user is offline more then OUR TIME PERIOD his/her websites will become DISABLED, it means that they will NOT receive Likes, Followers, Views, etc untill the moment when they come back ONLINE.

Thank you for beeing part of this network, we always try to be different !

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Dear Users,

We want to informe you that we have added 2 new options where you can spend and receive Points

Check our: SoundCloud Track Plays and Youtube Dislikes

And that is not all ! The first 20 users who has more then 150 exchanges can use the following coupon to get 500 coins BONUS !!!

Coupon code: 6028-5604-9428-8479
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Our site want to change his Design so if you are feeling creative submit your request


Theme Design: 100.000 Points and 3 Months V.I.P Membership

Banner Design for all banners in Affiliate Section: 30.000 Points and 1 Month V.I.P Membership !!!

Send your work at:

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Earn lots of Points with your Website/Blog

A new way to earn lots of Points on auto pilot !

If you have a website or a blog then this option will fill your account balance.

All you have to do is to add one of our banners on your website / blog and you will earn Points every time a new visitor will see this banner.

You can find this option here:

Author: AdminViews: 1,818 | Comments: 2 | Date: 09 Jun 2014 13:06
Dear User,

We want to give you a great news, we have added a new feature: Micro Jobs

What is it?

Users can use this module to earn Points by Doing Jobs.

You can add your job: Title, Description and Steps.

With this feature you can earn more coins then ever !

Check it out:

To add jobs go here:

A gift for first 20 users that use this coupon !

Use this coupon for 400 Points BONUS: 3708-3001-6294-6766

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