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Level System

We have added the Level system, as you can see now you are part of a Level based on your exchanges on the site. The more exchanges you made, you will get bigger bonuses.

Check for more info.

Have a nice day.

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Hello Users,

As alot of use saw, our site was down for maintenance.

Here are some features that we have implemented:

1. Rewards system was implemented, now your you can earn rewards for your activity (check rewards)

2. Clicks limits system has been implemented, now you can select total clicks limit or daily clicks limit for you pages

3. Targeting system has been improved, now you can select up to 15 different countries instead of 1 country

4. Affiliate system has been improved, now all commissions received by affiliates are visible and the payment that was paid for.

5. Banner system has been improved and now there are 2 different sizes, you can purchase 468x60 or 728x90 banner

6. Paypal gateway has been improved, no is more secure and works better

Have a nice day !

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Hello Users !

We have added 2 new features to the website that will help you promote and earn $$$ better !


Every user of is already in our contest!
Every day at 00:00 (GMT+2) the first 3 Top Users will get prizes!
You can get on the first 3 Top Users if you make alot of exchanges (Likes, Shares, Views).


1st Place: Double the Exchanges that he made transformed in coins + 100 Coins + 12 Hours V.I.P Day!

2nd Place: One and Half the Exchanges that he made transformed in coins + 75 Coins!

3rd Place: Number of Exchanges that he made transformed in coins + 50 Coins!


As a SUPER AFFILIATE your job is to make money on by reffering people to the website.
You will be promoted to SUPER AFFILIATE and the way that we pay you as well.


500 coins for each user that sign up to our site

$0.30 for each user that sign up to our site

40% from money spent by your referrals, on our site

Anyone who is interested to become a SUPER AFFILIATE and is sure that this rank suits him please Contact Us!

We will give SUPER AFFILIATE Rank to users that we think they are reffering more users to our website network.

Have a super nice day !

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We have added a new option: Youtube Favorites


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Hello dear Users

Today we have added the new features Myspace and Reverbnation Fans

You can get Myspace Friends and Reverbnation Fans also you can Win Coins by Follow other Myspace Users or Reverbnation.

As a BONUS you can use the coupon: 2DaysVIP and you will get 2 days FREE VIP on our website.

Have a nice day and more coins into your account.

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