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Dear users,

Today we updates our website receive some updates:

We at we take care of our users and their personal data, in the past we did have some hacking attempts but with no luck for the bad guys.

Today receive the SSL Security, that means your data that you post thru your browser is encrypted.

We like to remind you that your data is stored safety in our database and the most important this is that we do not share any of our users data with any third party.

The 2nd update that receive is the Link Share Repair for you to refer your friends and earn more money and Points.

In the past, the guys from Facebook, Twitter and other big social networks has banned the links due to spam.

The 3rd update is for your profile, you will get a badge for how many exchanges you do on Like4.,us, in the near future we will add a ranking system as well so you can earn even more points.

That you for your devotion into

As a gift for your devotion you can use the next coupon code:


P.S: To use the next coupon code you need to have more then 500 exchanges made!
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