Author: AdminViews: 1,074 | Comments: 0 | Date: 11 Feb 2014 08:25
Hello Users,

As alot of use saw, our site was down for maintenance.

Here are some features that we have implemented:

1. Rewards system was implemented, now your you can earn rewards for your activity (check rewards)

2. Clicks limits system has been implemented, now you can select total clicks limit or daily clicks limit for you pages

3. Targeting system has been improved, now you can select up to 15 different countries instead of 1 country

4. Affiliate system has been improved, now all commissions received by affiliates are visible and the payment that was paid for.

5. Banner system has been improved and now there are 2 different sizes, you can purchase 468x60 or 728x90 banner

6. Paypal gateway has been improved, no is more secure and works better

Have a nice day !
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