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Hello there dear users,

This news will address to the customers of our PES PRO Shop.

Some of the modules that you use on your website has been removed from our shop due to the inclusion in the last version of the PES PRO for free.

We work hard to update our modules to the last version of PES PRO so you can enjoy our modules to their best potential.

As we use to do it in the last past news we will giveaway some VIP days for our users.

Here is a VIP Code that you can use it to get 2 VIP days.

Code: 9394-1591-1205-6148

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Deal User,

Thank you for being with us for more then 5 years ! will get some upgrades and we have schedule a maintenance on Monday ( 12/19/2016 @ 4:00pm (UTC) ).

For 2 hours the site will be on maintenance.

Thank you for your understanding and sorry for any inconvenience

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We are happy to let you know that we have added now the feature when you add a page/account/website to select what countries you DON'T WANT to receive likes/share/views from.

Enjoy and have a nice day!

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In the past couple of days we had some problems with our servers.

Now the site is working fine.

The site has now a backup from date 15.06.2016.

We apologize for any inconvenience that we have caused.

As a gift, all users can use this the following coupon code for 3 VIP days: 3-VIP-DAYS-GIFT

Thank you.

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If you did not know already the V.I.P Membership can get lots of money by refering you friends.

The V.I.P Membership has 2 levels of Affiliate Bonus.

V.I.P Membership Explained

If you refer one of your friends on as an V.I.P Member you get twice the bonus:

300 points
20% of anything he buys on

Here comes the nice part, if your friend is refering one of HIS friends on

YOU will get:

100 points
10% of anything he buys on

From your friends referal.

What are you waiting for ? Become a V.I.P Member and star invite your friends.

Note* : To receive commission, your referral must complete at least 1000 exchanges at our website

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