1) How does our website work?
Like4.us is basically a "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" system. What does this mean? It's simple, as a registered member you can start doing "actions" on the website and earn "Points". "Actions" mean likes, shares, follows, tweets, pins, etc. Every action gets you from 1 to 10 Points. You can use your earned points to promote your website/social media page.

NEED TO KNOW: With like4.us you will get the REAL deal, every like, share, follow, tweet is REAL.
2) What is Points
Points are used to promote your website or social media page. You can earn them by liking, sharing, following, etc., other people's pages, or you can buy them.
3) How can I earn Points?
You can earn them by liking, sharing, following, etc., other people's pages (for example, if you like someone's photo you get 2 coins), or you can buy them.
4) Can I buy Points?
Yes, you can buy Points. Just click on the "Buy Points" button in the header of the website. Points are added to your account instantly after payment.
5) How do I use Points?
It's simple, when you add your website/photo/social page for others to like/share/follow/etc., you have to set a price on how much a like/share/follow would cost. Then, when someone likes/shares/follows points are automatically deducted from your account.
6) What is PPC?
PPC means Points Per Click. Setting higher PPC for what you want others to share/follow/like/etc., will get your content listed first and you will get shares/follows/likes/etc. faster the others with PPC set lower than you.
7) How do I get shares/likes/followers/etc. faster?
It depends on what PPC you set. Setting higher PPC gets you shares/likes/followers/etc. faster. Getting the VIP package allows you to set the highest PPC, thus getting the fastest rate.
8) Can I make more than one accounts?
No. You can create ONLY ONE account.
9) Can I earn money?
Yes, you can. Our website allows you to convert points to real cash. So, you can either promote your website/social media page or earn money with the points you get.
10) How do I get my money? Will I receive the payment instantly?
You can get your earned cash through PayPal. No, you will not receive payment instantly, we have to review your request first.
11) Can I withdraw the money that I added through the Add Funds section?
No. You can only withdraw the money that you earned on our website. Once you added the money, you can only spend it on our website.
12) Can I add redirect or shortened links?
No! Redirect and shortened links are not allowed!
13) If you didn't receive your email conformation mail ?
Please check your junk mail it will be there.

Or you can try to resend the confirmation code again.
Complete the next form: http://www.like4.us/register.php?resend